Success Story – lost 22 pounds

Written by Sheri Goodman Graham

On April 17, 2023

My gratitude is for finding Sheri Goodman Graham. I’ve been plant based on and off for a couple of years now. However, I was going through a particularly stressful time and working hard to keep my head and heart above the water line. I gained 20 plus pounds in over 6 months. With Sheri, I lost 22 lbs in less than half that time, got my health back and my positive perspective on life. You see, Sheri doesn’t lay out a regimented diet plan. She offered me some general basic guidelines, taught me why plant based is so life giving, plus she helped me experience the benefit of other activities that restore my soul and love for life on a daily basis. She is very well rounded, well grounded, very knowledgeable and heart centered. How much money do I waste on trivial things throughout my life? Spending my money on learning about the healthy and yummy fuel that keeps my body alive is priceless. Sheri’s not just great at helping you lose weight although that will happen for sure. She’s very helpful in teaching you techniques to fuel the soul and nourish you. Those who can embrace a plant based lifestyle diet will not only feel fantastic but, most likely, avoid many poor diet caused diseases and illness that many humans struggle with. By the way, my daughter who is thin like a string bean has worked with Sheri as well. Why? She didn’t need to lose weight but she needed to correct some gut biome issues and lessen pain in her joints. I have never seen her happier. Sheri is our angle. Here I am in my new angle wings after losing the weight.

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A Big Shout-Out!

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