I wanted to work with Sheri to become a better vegetarian and lose some weight. I am learning so much from her, especially that eating all plant-based can be fun and filling, and I am feeling better and losing weight! Sheri is knowledgeable and caring and is always there for you! She has vast knowledge about food and fueling our body. And her recipes are amazing! Do not think twice about setting up a call with Sheri!
~ Jacqueline

You are so right! Once I finally embraced eating properly I didn’t count anything anymore and my weight just came off. Now I just eat when I want and I’m never concerned about counting anything because what I’m eating won’t add the weight and inflammation that processed foods and animal products. You are one person I’ve been following for years and I love your wisdom and kindness.
~ Peggy

Sheri, I just wanted to tell you, I am so greatful for you and your FB Post!

  1. Your inspiring quotes resonate with me through the day.
  2. Beautiful pictures of amazing plant based meals with recipes keep my interest in preparing my own meals.
  3. The sweet photos of you in an environment the expresses health and joy.
  4. Inspiration and an open forum for all stages of your followers journey.

Please know how your an inspiration and so appreciated! Your love makes our world a better place to enjoy.

~ Diane

My doctor urged major dietary changes given an aggressive-type cancer. For 2 years I tried vegan on my own without success. I was attracted to Sheri’s website – her authenticity and devotion to plant-based nutrition grounded in science and to permanent weight loss. With her counsel, I have seamlessly transitioned to a plant-based diet and found a satisfying way of eating. I have already lost a few pounds and am hopeful for success eating plant-based. Sheri is a passionate advocate, great teacher/partner -and champion of plant-based lifestyle. I highly recommend her.

~ Elissa

Just want to give a shout out to Sheri Goodman Graham for her coaching and support in transitioning to a plant based lifestyle. It wasn’t easy for me. I am almost 60 yrs old. I didn’t wake up one day and just make the switch. Going to a plant based diet was a deliberate decision to make an improvement in my health. And even though I was committed and intellectually knew it was the right thing to do, I have to admit, I still liked meat and all those other things that are evil for your body – like white sugar and white flour and white rice. I needed support to make the change so I reached out Sheri. Sheri helped motivate me to keep going and gradually replace what I was eating with healthy foods and move to a much healthier diet. She delivered just the right words of encouragement, at the right time,in such a kind, loving and positive way!! While working with Sheri over the course of two years I also started exercising, lost 40 pounds, my joints feel better, my mobility improved, and most importantly, my A1C and other blood panels are better than they have EVER been in the 10 years since I have keeping records. I feel better, I look better, and I have tons more energy. All I can say is do it for yourself, do it for your health, do it for your quality of life! It’s so worth it. I still want to lose more weight and now I have the tools. Thank you, Sheri!! I couldn’t have done it without you.

~ Madeline

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