The 4 Weight Loss Hints I Learned Eating a Plant Based Diet that Really Work!

Written by Sheri Goodman Graham

On June 26, 2017

I have tried many diets, but the only diet that I have been able to stick with and achieve lasting results with is a plant based diet that focuses on whole, unprocessed ingredients. It has not been an easy road, I made many mistakes, and learned so much along the way. Today I want to share with you the four hints following a plant based diet has taught me about sustainable and lasting weight loss.


Be patient.

Losing weight and keeping it off takes time. It must be done slowly.


Diets that cause rapid weight loss are unsustainable. I know and you know this to be true! If you want to lose the weight for good and say good bye to “dieting”, you have to focus on developing healthy eating habits that are realistic and lasting. Seriously, do not rush it! Consistently losing 1/2lb to 1lb per week is an achievable and healthy weight loss goal. The reason why choosing these whole, unprocessed plant foods is because these foods are filled with fiber, vitamins, minerals, and water making them less calorie dense. This makes weight loss natural, easy, and so healthy.


Exercise is essential for building muscle.

But not for losing weight.


It is no secret that staying active is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle but if you are focusing on cardio in the hopes of shedding some pounds you are wasting your time. Instead, focus on a plant based diet and building muscle. For shaping and toning your muscles you have to use body weight or machines. Once you reach your goal you will be so happy to see your muscles and a toned figure in the mirror. I can see my muscles since practicing yoga and changing my diet to eating plant based foods. This is me at my goal weight last summer and I still weigh the same. I always recommend incorporating yoga into your life for so many health reasons.  

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Eat lots of vegetables.

Eat them morning, noon, and night.


You know, those non-starchy green and yellow varieties? Eat them steamed, roasted, raw, boiled, or stir fried. If you don’t like veggies try to find some you do. Make soups and smoothies with added veggies. They keep you full and are low on the calorie density scale. When I first started out I did not eat as many vegetables as I do now. I was hungry more often and went to snacking on higher density foods like rice cakes or tortillas. Once I fell in love with my vegetables I was full and did not feel hungry. My calories where lower, my stomach fuller, and the number on the scale went down.


Eat some fat.

The right kind of fat.


I did not eat much fat when I first started Dr. Mcdougall’s plan. He says we wear the fat we need. I agree with him but I also recommend eating a little fat, about 15% of your overall calories or 20 grams for the day. Make sure your fat comes from whole plant foods. Adding a little healthy plant based fat is good for your hair, skin and nails. It keeps you full too. Careful with nuts they are too easy to over eat. Occasionally mix in a little plant based fat with your meal. Avocado, flaxseeds, walnuts, chia, no oils. Every one is different. You have to find what foods you like and mix together that works for your body. Don’t compare yourself to others.  
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