The Power of I Am

Written by Sheri Goodman Graham

On June 1, 2022
The Power of I Am
It goes like this: Whatever you say after “I am” becomes a declaration of your truth, a statement of who you are. If you use words like “I am exhausted,” or “I am stressed,” “I am fat” you are putting that statement into the world. Your words will become your reality. When you become intentional with your words and say only positive things to describe yourself, it can raise your energy, lift your mood, and increase your confidence. And the best part about it is there is very little investment on your part to give it a try. Start each morning thinking about how you want to feel that day. As you’re getting dressed, drinking coffee or eating breakfast say “I am grounded,” or whatever word you chose to describe how you want to feel. Right before you’re about to enter a big meeting, tune into how you want to be during that meeting, How about, “I am accomplished.” No matter your situation, there will always be an opportunity to flip your inner dialogue to create a positive outcome. Whether or not your words actually change the direction of your life, the power of positively speaking about yourself will boost your confidence, which can affect how you show up in the world. So use your words wisely. What words will you choose today? With love, Sheri ❤️

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  1. Amber

    I’m a lifelong vegetarian. For much of my life vegetarian eating was more a habit passed down by my parents than a conscious choice to eat nutrient-dense foods, so I relied heavily on comfort foods and processed soy proteins with the occasional vegetable that was often mixed in or severely dressed for added flavor. The post on “health is the real treat” really resonated with me because sometimes the more healthy I eat I feel entitled to cakes/milkshakes/pizza because I’ve been so “good” otherwise. This post helped me see that I’ve been interpreting whole food eating as a form of deprivation rather than the treat in and of itself. My issue is that I find dairy & sugar filled desserts addictive. What about the diet plans that allow for cheat days to trick the system into digesting more calories? How do we work in pleasure to a WFPB diet?

    • Sheri Goodman Graham

      Thank you for your message. I will reach out to you directly.


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