Weight Loss Awareness

Written by Sheri Goodman Graham

On May 31, 2020
Weight Loss Awareness

The unique thing about the brain is that it runs on dual control. Processes run on automatic pilot, but if you instruct them to run the way you want, Will and desire will take over.

But this isn’t a matter of willpower. Willpower implies force. You want to eat a second piece of pie or raid the refrigerator at midnight, but through sheer determination you resist.

That isn’t will; it’s resistance. Whatever you resist persists. There’s the rub. As long as you engage in an inner war between what you crave and what you know is good for you, defeat is all but inevitable.

In its natural state, Will is the opposite of resistance. You go with the flow, and the will of nature, which has billions of years of evolution behind it, carries you.

Homeostasis is the way your body wants to go; ever cell has been engineered exquisitely to stay in balance.

A cell stores only enough food to last a few seconds. It has no need for extra storage because in the body’s overall balance, every cell can count on being continuously nourished.

The key is to bring your brain into balance, then use its ability to balance everything—hormones, hunger, cravings, and habits.

Your weight is all in your head because, ultimately, your body is in your head. That is, the brain lies at the source of all bodily functions, and your mind lies at the source of your brain.

Most people are out of balance because their brains are so adaptable. The brain compensates for anything that happens in the body.

Severely overweight people work around their obesity, leading normal lives within limits, raising families, enjoy loving relationships. At another level, however, they are miserable. Imbalance feeds imbalance, perpetuating the vicious circle. They need to stop adapting to obesity and relate to the brain as the answer, not the problem.

Weight Loss Awareness

  • Stop fighting with yourself
  • Agnore counting calories
  • Give up diet foods
  • Restore balance where you know that your greatest imbalance exists
    (emotions, stress, sleep) Deal with things that bring you out of balance.
  • Focus on teaching a turning point
  • Let your brain take care of physical rebalance

You can change a habit only on the moment when you feel the urge to act on your habit. Eating is no different.

You find yourself reaching for pizza or sneaking ice cream at midnight. What’s happening in that moment? If you can answer this question, you have an opening for change.

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