What is Medicine?

Written by Sheri Goodman Graham

On February 10, 2022
Sheri - What is Medicine
Medicine is the breath in our lungs. The fire in our hearts. The light in our souls. The blood in our bodies.

Medicine is the inspiration and knowledge we receive through reading. The ability to travel within our imaginations in a novel, a meditation, a journey, a daydream.

Medicine is the positive thoughts and affirmations we encourage ourselves and others with; the grace, the patience and pat on the back we give each day for showing up and doing our best.

Medicine is the conversation with loved ones. Even when it’s challenging or uncomfortable. Knowing it is based on love, faith, commitment and a desire to share this human experience.

Medicine is the nourishing food we give our bodies. The quenching water we drink to hydrate and cleanse our souls. The nurturing thoughts and words we use to support our minds and emotional health and well being.

Medicine is what we receive from mother earth. From space and time. Through plants and air and nutrients.

Medicine is the energy within and around us. Knowing all of time and space is connected. We are all love. We are all spirit. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.

Medicine is loving and honoring our bodies through movement, expression and exercise of body, mind and spirit.

Medicine is caring for ourselves, in whatever way we can, no matter how that looks. Respecting one another and remembering to ask for help. We were not meant to do this alone.

Medicine is opening our hearts to its limitless potential. Opening our minds to infinite possibilities.

Medicine is Love. Medicine is You. Medicine is Me.

~Nicole M Freed

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