You can choose Happiness … 10 tips to find your joy

Written by Sheri Goodman Graham

On July 16, 2022
You can choose Happiness

Is happiness a choice?


Many happy people realize happiness is a choice.

It’s up to us to intentionally choose it every single day.

Happy people are not held hostage by their circumstances.

We do not seek happiness in people or possessions.

We understand that when we stop chasing the world’s definition of happiness…

…we begin to see the decision to experience happiness has been right in front of us all along!

But simply knowing that happiness is a choice is not enough.

Fully experiencing it still requires a conscious decision to choose happiness each day.

“Most people are about as happy as they make up their minds to be.”

~Abraham Lincoln

How then might each of us begin to experience this joy?

  1. Count your blessings… try focusing on the positive aspects of life rather than the negative.
  2. Carry a smile it is a wonderful beautifier.
  3. Speak daily affirmation into your life.
  4. Wake up on your terms-establish an empowering, meaningful, morning routine.
  5. Hold back a complaint towards a person, a situation, or yourself.
    Instead, humbly keep it to yourself.
    You’ll likely diffuse an unhealthy, unhappy environment.
    But more than that, you’ll experience joy by choosing peace in a difficult situation.
  6. Practice one life-improving discipline.
    There is happiness and fulfillment to be found in personal growth
  7. Use your strengths.
  8. Accomplish one important task and find joy in your contribution.
  9. Eat a healthy whole food plant based meal/snack. Avoid processed junk foods.
    We are spiritual, emotional, and mental beings.
    We are also physical bodies.
  10. Treat others well.
    Everyone wants to be treated kindly.
    But more than that, deep down, we also want to treat others with the same respect that we would like given to us.
  11. Meditate. Find time alone in solitude.
  12. Search for benefit in your pain.
    This life can be difficult.
    Nobody escapes without pain.
    At some point—in some way—we all encounter it.
    When you do, remind yourself again that the trials may be difficult, but they will pass.
    And search deep to find meaning in the pain.
    Choose to look for the benefits that can be found in your trial.
    At the very least, perseverance is being built.
    And most likely, an ability to comfort others in their pain is also being developed.

Go today.

Choose joy and be happy.

That will make two of us.

With love,

Sheri ❤️

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